Surrender CBD Massage Oil

 Pamper your partner.  Our Surrender Massage Oil is the solution for couples that have had a stressful day.  Made with a luxurious blend of coconut oil,  relaxing essential oils and just the right amount of CBD.   You do so much - you deserve a touch of luxury.  Reward your body with  love and care. 

When using as a massage oil, simply put a small amount in you hands and then gently apply to your partner. Let them feel the stress begin to slip away.

After showering, rub the oil all over your body. Dab your body dry and feel the oil Replenishing and Nurturing your body. Relax and unwind.


  • Coconut Oil deeply moisturizing and skin softening without a greasy feel
  • CBD: It has properties that are believed to promote relation and stress relief. Tested for purity and grown in USA. No THC
  • Lavender Essential Oil: A magnificent relaxant
  • Rose Essential Oil: The “I feel Good” oil
  • Tangerine Essential Oil: Known to promote the release of tension.
  • Orange Essential Oil: A natural sedative that helps relieve stress and anxiety

Ingredients: MCT (Coconut Oil), Lavender, Rose, Tangerine, Orange Essential Oils and 250 mg. CBD Isolates

What we do not have: No phthalates, preservatives, cheap extender oils, mineral oil. parabens, sulfates or other added chemicals.

4 ounces