My Story

 Olivia,  an alchemist’s, world traveler, lover of living a beautiful life, surrounded with exotic scents from the earth and most of all a believer that we all deserve special pampering and a discovery of Romance in our lives.

Olivia’s Boudoir isn’t just my business, it’s my heart.  I came to realize that I was missing passion, romance and self pampering in my own life and the same was true of many of my women friends.  As I was busy taking care of business, I often neglected myself.   It was those qualities in my mental image of Olivia that I  wanted to bring into my life.   I started with buying myself a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my bedroom, some satin pajamas and then took a bubble bath with lit candles and a spectacular wine.   I loved it and still continue the ritual.

At that time, I owned a successful business that marketed to the Gift industry.  It was one of my customers that asked me to create  a luxurious, romantic product line for their store that was part of the  adult market.  We began to create a line of beautiful, luxurious products for  our customer that we would  love to use ourselves…and as we tested them, we felt pampered.  As we pampered ourselves, so we began to pamper our partners.  Passion, romance and self pampering was ignited in my life and those on the Olivia’s Boudoir  team.

We created each product to follow our original intent, being made from premium ingredients, using no harmful chemicals and bringing to life a sense of personal pleasure & desire.. We take great care in creating a collection of products that are as natural and wholesome as possible, while still adding a feeling of being sensual and romantic.

At Olivia’s Boudoir we are always a striving toward excellence,  to improve our products and enhance your ” Romantic” pampering experience.